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Three Brethren of No XII recently attended to DofE Gold Award ceremony at Holyrood Palace where the Earl of Forfar talked with and presented the Gold Certificates.

RWM Bro Bob Crossan and SM Bro Alan Beck PM were there to support the fantastic achievements by their daughter and sons respectfully.

Bro Robbie Thomson was there to receive his well earned Gold Award and he was also supported by his Mum and Dad as well as all the other parents.

It was a lovely day for all and absolutely marvellous to see so many youngsters there to accept their reward for such dedicated hard work.



Saturday 15th June

All the teams from around the Province of Renfrewshire West assembled at the Grosvenor Bowling club at 9:45 am to compete for the Orr Trophy.IMG 5036a

A total of 12 teams took the greens expecting a heavy rainfall which thankfully did not come to anything and as the morning went on it actually started to brighten up.

No XII had 2 teams entered for the trophy.

Team 1    Team 2 
 RWM Bob Crossan    Bro David Stevenson
 Bro Robert Paterick    Bro Kenny Morrison PM
 Bro Campbell Barr PM (Skip)    Bro George Felgate  (Skip)


 In the first session our Team No 1 managed to win quite comfortably after a little 'scare' in the middle of the match. Team No 2 won their first game very comfortably.

We then headed back into the clubhouse where we were treated to a cup of tea and bacon or square sausage rolls, courtesy of Bro Richard Kennedy of Lodge Doric Kilwinning No 68, Thanks Ricky..

Then it was back out to the greens to play a different team. Team No 1 chances of winning the trophy kept going until the very last bowl, but sadly we lost by 1 shot, our chance had gone. Team No 2 however still playing very well managed to win their second match and also meant they were in with a chance of taking the trophy home.

The score were computed by our good friend Bro John Freeburn of Lodge Inverkip Ardgowan No 1425, who had organised the whole day once again with his usual efficiency, thank you John.

John announced the winner and it was our Team No 2, so Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No XII will once again be engraved on the fine old trophy for the year 2019.

As RWM I decided to join in the presentation as the photograph shows, Team No 1 and Team No 2 together receiving the trophy.




Monday 10th June 2019IMG 5018a

RWM Bro Bob Crossan and WSW Bro Brian McFadyen visited Lodge Glasgow Star No 219 for their RWM Bro Norman Jamieson last meeting in the chair. It was a very busy evening and after opening the Lodge the RWM admitted a deputation from Lodge Nitshill No 1478 who then conferred an excellent Passing. Unfortunately due to the late ending of the meeting we were unable to stay behind for Lodge hospitality and I forgot to take a photo, sorry

Update - courtesy of Lodge Glasgow Star No 219 RWIMG 5054M Norman Jamieson we have a photograph from their harmony, whilst doing the raffle. The RWM managed to raise a tremendous sum of £270 which was presented to Paisley Disability Resource Centre, well done.










Thursday 13th June

HM Bro Tony Stewart and I travelled to the East to Grand Lodge for their Communication. We arrived in plenty of time to go for a lovely lunch at Tiger Lily just across the road and would recommend a visit if you are through in Edinburgh.

We then proceeded into Grand Lodge and were pleased to meet up with other Brethren from Renfrewshire West including our RWPGM Bro Robin McIntyre and our very own Bible Bearer Bro Alex Gray who had gone through with some members from The Lodge of Erskine No 1566.

After the Grand Lodge Communication had ended, Lodge Sir Moray No 1641 had their annual installation, which due to complications at their own Lodge building, took place in Grand Lodge. Tony and I decided to stay on and witness their 'short and sweet' installation, we did not stay for harmony as all the tickets were sold. A huge thanks to Tony for driving me through to Edinburgh and back.

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Friday 14th June 2019 P1020096a

All Past Masters were invited to attend our Past Masters Dinner at the Tontine Hotel which was organised by SM Bro Alan Beck PM.

Although not a PM yet, as our RWM I was asked to attend as long as I kept quiet. Good luck with that one 😂😅

A total of 9 PM's and myself made our way into the private room on the ground floor, where some more drinks were ordered and our own private menu for perusal.

Before, during and after what turned our to be an excellent meal, we shared many stories, some old and some new, all in all we had a great time. Looking forward to next year.....

Many Thanks to Bro Alan Beck PM for arranging the dinner and to our worthy photographer Bro Alistair Glenny PM.



Thursday 6th June we had our Special Summer Meeting, which attracted an incredible 109 Brethren, the business of the evening was the Affiliation of Bro Robert Rolf Grundmann PAGM to No XII, the obligation of which was carried out by Bro Hector Macphail PM, we then had an Entering conferred by the Past Masters of No XII.

   RWM  Bro Ken MacDougall PM        
   WSW  Bro Kenny Morrison PM        
   WJW  Bro Alistair Glenny PM        
   SD  Bro Derek Kirkpatrick PM        
   JD  Bro Allan Glen PM        
   IG  Bro Bob Bain PM        
  Degree Team          
   Obligation  Bro Ken MacDougall PM        
   Secrets  Bro Alan Beck PM        
   Apron  Bro Kenny Morrison PM        
   NEC  Bro Bob Bain PM        
   Working Tools  Bro Allan MacFeate PM        
   Charge  Bro Derek Kirkpatrick PM        


After an excellent first degree by our Past Masters, the Lodge was closed and a large number of Brethren remained behind for a wonderful harmony, courtesy of our President of Stewards, Bro Tony Buckley HPGPoS.

As the floor of the Town Hall and the Saloon is being replaced in August and will not be finished until mid September, our next Regular meeting will be 17th September 2019 and will be an Entering and a Ballot.



Update from Bro Robert Rolf Grundmann PAGM

Dear Brother Ken,

I would like to thank our Right Worshipful Master, Worshipful Wardens, Office Bearers and Brethren for having granted the privilege of becoming an affiliated member – my particular thanks go to you Brother Ken for the way you handled all the paperwork.I had the pleasure of attending an excellent ceremony and the night had you made even more special as Brother Hector had been allowed to obligate. It was overwhelming how you made me welcome.Unfortunately I will not be able to attend regularly due to the distance – and that I have to organise assistance et cetera.

However I'm looking forward very much to my next visit – as Yusuf my assistant did enjoy that visit very much I'm sure he will be happy to assist and support you again on a date yet to be announced.Wishing you all and your families all the very best I greet you cordially and fraternally