We were invited to confer a Fellowcraft degree at Lodge Burns Dundonald No 1759 on Tuesday 30th April by their RWM Bro John McNish which we of course accepted their kind invitation.

About a month before the date for our visit, I received a phone call from RWM John McNish to ask if it would be possible to change the degree for the evening to a Mark degree. After checking with our Brethren we decided this was okay. Our own Mark degree was actually two weeks before our visit, so this would be a good practice run. 

So the 30th April arrived before we knew it and off we went to our sojourn in Dundonald.

As you would expect, we were given a really warm welcome from all the brethren of Lodge Burns Dundonald and their visitor for the evening, of which there were plenty, about 75 Brethren were present at the meeting.

After changing halls to accommodate the large crowd the meeting started, we remained outside as were we to be admitted as a deputation of which I, as RWM, would have the pleasure of heading. After about 20 mins, we were called for and duly led into the Lodge room. After the usual formalities the gavel was presented to me by RWM Bro John McNish, for which I thanked him in the usual manner. I called for the office bearers to be exchanged in favour of No XII. 

We then proceeded to confer the Mark degree on their candidate and I must admit it was a very fine rendition of the Mark with everyone being at the top of their game on the evening, just as two weeks before in our own Lodge. I then presented their RWM with the Gavel, for which he thanked me and all from No XII for such a fine degree. After their collection was uplifted we were asked if we would like to retire from the Lodge and we duly did.

I don't think they were expecting such a large crowd as at harmony, there certainly wasn't 75 pies on the table. Fortunately for us the harmony was served before the meeting ended and we all managed to get a pie each and other sandwiches and cakes. When the meeting ended I'm sure there were a few unhappy pieless Brethren, oh well that'll be us being talked about again :-))

Thank you to everyone who made the journey down to Dundonald for what I would call a very enjoyable night.


Dundonald Deputation 19

Provincial Office Bearers and Masters of the ProvinceCongratulations to Brother Eric Sweeney, Master of Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning No 217 who was in charge of the Masters of the Province who conferred an excellent Fellowcraft degree at Lodge Sir Michael No 989 last night. The newly refurbished Temple was packed to capacity for the annual "Homes" Degree in aid of the residents of the Marcus Humphrey House with the event raising a record £1,000.

Well done to all involved.

I was taking part on the night as WJW and I also had the pleasure of presenting the second degree tools, a great night and very worthy cause



RWPGM Bro Robin McIntyre and the Masters of the Province

On Thursday, 27th of December the brethren of Lodge Greenock Kilwinning NoXII celebrated the 290th anniversary of the lodge, on the Feast Day of St John the Evangelist. Such an event has not taken place on this date since the lodge's bicentennial meeting  in 1928.
IMG 4384
The lodge was opened in due and antient form by Bro J Robert Crossan RWM in the Chair. It is worthy of note, that as in bygone days of yore the brethren sat in open lodge at properly set tables. As is the tradition of the lodge, the deputation of visitors was led by the Master of Lodge Doric Kilwinning 68 who was invited to join Bro Crossan in the East. The Director of Ceremonies, Bro Allan MacFeate, PM then presented the PG Master, his Depute and a deputation from PG Lodge. After the Master had presented the emblem of power and authority to the PG Master, the gavel was returned and the minute of the first meeting of Lodge Greenock Kilwinning, dated 27th December 1728, was read by the lodge Secretary and thereafter the lodge went from Labour to Refreshment. An excellent meal of steak pie and vegetables, followed by a superb cheese course and tea/coffee was then served. Two verses of the National Anthem was sung and the usual loyal and Masonic toasts were observed and the PG Master replied to the appropriate ones. The singing of Rule Britannia was lustily led by Bro Alan D Beck PM and Bro Iain White PM then gave a short presentation on "NoXII and The Feast of St John the Evangelist" wherein he spoke of the importance of this date to the lodge and also gave a very interesting resume of various St John's Day meetings from the lodge's history.

Bro Beck PM then gave a talk entitled "Looking Forward to the Tercentenary" wherein he described the format of the 300th anniversary meeting and how the funds required to pay for its celebrations might be raised.

Bro James Hamilton, Master of Lodge Doric Kilwinning 68 replied eloquently to the Toast to The Visitors from Junior Warden Bro Robert J Bain PM. The special prize raffle of corporate hospitality for four people at Greenock Morton (worth £400) was won by Bro Ronnie McCallum, Senior Deacon of Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning 217. Thereafter the lodge was returned from Refreshment to Labour and then closed in due and antient form.

All in all this was a lovely and significant meeting for Lodge Greenock Kilwinning and all who were there agreed that it had been a privilege to have been involved in such an historic night for the lodge. The next meeting of NoXII scheduled to take place on the Feast Day of St John the Evangelist will be on Wednesday 27th of December, 2028 - the 300th anniversary of the lodge ... it is expected to be an even "grander" affair!

Bro Alan D Beck, PM

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IMG 4387IMG 4388

IMG 4389IMG 4391

The VictorOnce again today we were blessed with perfect conditions to try and retain the trophy in the annual bowling match against Lodge Crawfurdsburn No 1121. Firstly, thank you to all who turned up to play for both teams, even the 'ringers'. We had 3 rinks of 4v4 with 2 bowls each. On rink No 1 we had David Stevenson, myself RWM Bob, 'ringer' Ricky Kennedy and Kenny Morrison (skip). We could not have started worse with us being 6-0 down after 3 ends. We managed to pick ourselves up a bit and went into the half time (6 ends) 7-4 down. After a light refreshment or three we got back to the business at hand. Despite our much improved second half we found ourselves 4 down going into not just the last end but the very last bowl with 1121 lying shot. Sammy Hunter was playing his usual brilliant shots and his team mates (RWM John Laird, WSW Ian Hair and Tommy McDougall) also playing well. Anywho back to this last bowl that Kenny Morrison had, with 1121 lying shot, we waited with bated breath, about to experiencing a five shot gubbing, so Kenny called on his vast experience and for the first time today showed us what he is really capable of, he rolled the bowl, it's looking good, no it's looking great, oh no it's looking Magnificent, he's carried the jack through the back and we won the last end by 4 shots, with an unbelievable shot from our skip. We managed a draw, superb....

On the other two rinks, we managed to win one by 3 shots but in the other game we were beaten by 7 shots, which meant that 1121 were to be crowned champions for this years 

We once again had a wonderful day with our Brethren from 1121 and from various other Lodges. Congratulations to all at 1121 and to everyone who participated to make the day special. A huge thanks to Alistair Glenny for coming along and taking photos (see below - select any photo to enlarge it).


Annual Bowling Match v No 1121 2019