Festive Greetings from Our German Brother Robert Grundmann


I received the following email from our German Brother Robert Grundmann

Bro Robert

The boy is reciting a poem saying that the presence are under the Christmas tree in October because of the virus closing it with the four letter word starting with sh – being told off by his parents for doing so.

It looks as if the artist has been sitting in front of the crystal ball while drawing this earlier this year.

Dear RW Master. Dear Brother Bob,

I wish you and yours and all the members of our Lodge and their families are Merry Christmas and a good start into the year 2021.

Many the ensuing year be a better one than the one we are experiencing now and that the healthcare system and we all will manage to control the virus be it the original one or any of its variations already there or still to come.

Me and my carers have been lucky up to now and we do all the best that this may continue to be so.

Looking forward to hearing from you I greet you cordially and fraternally