Sad and Doleful Tidings - Bro Bob Leck

Bro Bob Leck - Eulogy

Born in Greenock and resident in Greenock - Occupation GardenerBob Leck

Bob was initiated into Freemasonry October 7th 1958, Passed October 21st 1958, Raised November 4th 1958

He was 22 at his Initiation

Bro James L Black was RWM at Bob's Degrees

Bob served as a Steward and I.G. before moving South in 1960 working for Camden Council as a Parks Superintendent.

As a National Serviceman Bob served his time in the R.A.F. Bomb Disposal unit but did not talk much about his time here.

As a long time P.I.G. Bob joined Elfrida Lodge no. 4497 (EC) in 2000 and rose through the ranks (2002 SD), (2003 JW) to become Master in 2005.

After vacating the chair Bob took up several stand - in roles inc. I.G. in 2006 and JW and Almoner in 2007.

Unfortunately, Elfrida Lodge handed in their warrant in 2010, he and several of his buddies joined Heritage Lodge no. 5572 (EC).

Bob was already a member of Heritage Chapter and here again he was always willing to step in especially as the Chapter was reasonable small and his dedication and enthusiasm was of great assistance.

Bob had long been a champion of Demelza House raising money holding ‘open house’ and garden parties. He was also been a keen supporter of local Scout Groups and upholds the Scout promise of ‘always thinking of others before himself’.

Bob had been happily married to Maureen for 62 years and has a Son, David.

Bob had recently not been in good health and as such the presentation of his 60 year Citation would normally have been carried out by the PGM himself. At his request however Bob wanted as little fuss as possible and his good friends and long term Masonic colleagues W.Bro Albert and Derek visited Bob at home and made this presentation on behalf of the PGM.

Throughout his adversities however Bob had always been a keen supporter of Freemasonry and thoroughly deserves recognition for his long service.

Bob sadly passed to the Grand Lodge Above on 14th July 2019

Thanks to: Tony Saunders, Secretary, Heritage Lodge no. 5572