Our German Visitor w/c 3rd June 2019

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The week commencing the 3rd of June we have a ‘special guest’ (Bro Robert Rolf Grundmann) from Germany visiting the area, he is coming a long way and at considerable discomfort to himself as he is confined to a wheelchair.

He will be with us from Sunday 2nd June until Sunday 9th June and is here to receive Affiliate Membership to No XII at our meeting on 6th June, so I think it would be nice to give him some No XII Brotherly Love by doing the following

Can you please advise me if you can/cannot attend any of the following, especially Friday night as obviously we have to book a table

Tuesday 4th June

Lodge Neptune No 419 are conferring a Raising – Take our guest to this Lodge. It is a Lodge which is all on the level and very wheelchair friendly.

Thursday 6th June

We have our Special Summer Meeting at the Town Hall which is an Entering by our Past Masters. At this meeting our German guest will receive Affiliate Membership

Friday 7th June

Bro Robert is staying all week at the Tontine Hotel it would be nice if we could meet up with him at the Tontine and have a nice meal together.

Saturday 8th June

Bro Hector Macphail PM is taking Bro Robert to the Marcus Humphrey Fete

Bro Hector will also be taking Bro Robert on a couple of site seeing tours during the week, which he would be most grateful for anyone to accompany him.


Please help us help Bro Robert and make his stay in Greenockshire a memorable one