Visit to The Lodge of Erskine No 1566 – 13th November 2018

Having been formerly invited by RWM Bro Ronnie Armstrong of The Lodge of Erskine No 1566 to lead a deputation into their Lodge and confer a Second Degree on the night, our new RWM Bro Bob Crossan was only too happy to accept.

On Thursday 13th November 2018, along with a fantastic number of No XII Past Masters, Office Bearers and Brethren, our RWM duly led the deputation into the Lodge. This was actually the ‘new teams’ first rendition of a degree. After a very warm welcome by RWM Bro Ronnie Armstrong and the Brethren of the Lodge, our RWM and PMs were invited to the East. The Lodge still had a couple of business items, including the collection, prior to the Gavel being presented to our RWM Bro Bob Crossan to carry out the Passing on the night. After the usual remarks on the presentation of the Gavel our RWM asked for the office bearers to be exchanged in favour of No XII office bearers and immediately put the Lodge into recess to allow us to setup.

As the evening’s degree would in fact be an exemplification our HM Bro Tony Stewart volunteered to be the Candidate. After approximately 5 mins our RWM resumed the session and we began the Passing. The Candidate was received in due and ancient form by our IG for the evening Bro Alistair Glenny PM and then he was asked to kneel for Lodge Prayer, delivered by our Bible Bearer Bro Alex Gray. The proper method of advancing from West to East was demonstrated by our SD Bro Campbell Snoddy and once presented at the Alter our RWM Bro Bob Crossan carried out the Obligation of the Second Degree. The Secrets of the Second, Square or Fellowcraft Degree were then communicated by Bro Alan Beck PM after which the Candidate was passed to the Wardens.

Next came the investing of the Apron which was carried out by our WSW Bro Brian McFadyen, who is a Past Master of The Lodge of Erskine No 1566. The Candidate was then placed in the SE corner of the Lodge and the Working Tools were delivered by Bro Allan MacFeate PM. The Lecture on the Tracing Board was then delivered by our Secretary Bro Ken MacDougall is his usual expert manner. To conclude the ceremony of the Passing the Charge was given by our IPM Bro Allan Glen.

Both RWMs then came from East to West to congratulate and thank the ‘newly made’ Fellowcraft Freemason Bro Tony Stewart and he was duly greeted by all of the Brethren present.

RWM Bro Bob Crossan then thanked all of the Degree team, all of the Brethren of No XII and a special thanks to Bro James Livingston for playing the organ, for accompanying him on the evening. He then presented RWM Bro Ronnie Armstrong with a small token of the friendship between the Lodges and returned the Gavel to him. RWM Bro Ronnie Armstrong then thanked our Lodge for coming up to confer the degree of the evening and asked if we cared to retire, which of course was duly accepted.

At the close of the meeting, after moving from the cold lounge area back into the Lodge room instead, we enjoyed a great Harmony together which include lovely minestrone soup, pies and sausage rolls. We all then had to face the cold of the night and most of us made it back home on the same day as we left, only just !!

Thanks again to all of the No XII Brethren who came up to Erskine and to Bro Alistair Glenny PM and IPM Allan Glen for filling in as IG and JD respectfully. Huge thanks also to Bro Jim Livingston for his musical accompaniment, to Bro Ian Dyer for bringing along/giving out/collecting back in the No XII hymn books and to HM Bro Tony Stewart for standing in as the Candidate for the evening .

RWM Bro Bob Crossan