Visitation to Lodge Renfrew County Kilwinning No 370

On Thursday 13th September our RWM Bro Allan Glen headed a deputation to our good friends at Lodge Renfrew County Kilwinning No 370. The deputation although surprisingly small in number, but some may say were perfectly formed.

We lined up to enter the Lodge at 8:10 ish pm and were warmly welcomed by their IPM Bro Andrew Thomson and the Brethren. Our RWM was invited to the East along with our Past Masters. After everyone had found a seat and the Lodge settled down, IPM Bro Andrew Thomson presented our RWM Bro Allan Glen with the Gavel and the office bearers were swapped in favour of No XII. We then proceeded to carry out an Exemplification of an Entering on Bro John Thomson, who by all accounts is no stranger to being roped in to the role of candidate.

The degree team was :-

Prayer – IPM Bro Allan MacFeate                                                      Senior Deacon – Bro Fraser Cameron
Obligation – RWM Bro Allan Glen                                                      Junior Deacon – Bro Ken MacDougall PM
Secrets – Bro Alan Beck PM                                                                Inner Guard – Bro Robert Marshall IG
Apron – Bro Bob Crossan WSW
NEC – Bro Robert Marshall IG
Tools – IPM Bro Allan MacFeate
Charge – Bro Ken MacDougall PM

IMG 4040

Our small but perfectly formed deputation, left to right

Bro Bob Crossan WSW Bro Fraser Cameron Assistant Steward Bro Allan Jess Chaplain Bro Alan Beck PM, IPM Bro Allan MacFeate RWM Bro Allan Glen, Bro Brian McFadyen WJW Bro Robert Marshall IG and Bro Ken MacDougall PM

Bro Bob Crossan WSW