Next Meeting on 21st April 2015

Annual Mark Degree

Our next meeting, on Tuesday 21st will be the Mark degree now back in its traditional place as the last Regular Meeting of the session. There are 5 candidates The Degree team will be

RWMM and Obligation    Bro Alan D. Beck IPM 
Master Overseer   Bro Robert J. Bain PM
Senior Overseer   Bro Alistair Glenny PM 
Prayer   Bro Albert MacLean BB 
Conductor and Secrets   Bro KK Morrison PM
Lecture   Bro James P. Livingstone PM
Working Tools   Bro Allan I. MacFeate RWM
Badge and Jewel   Bro Allan Glen WSW
Charge   Bro J Robert Crossan WJW

Hope to see you there.