Honorary Membership for Kenny Morrison PM

On Thursday May 22nd I was honoured to lead a deputation of office bearers of No XII into the Masonic Temple in John St, Gourock to witness a Passing conferred by Lodge Inverkip Ardgowan 1425. What I, and almost all the NoXII brethren knew (I say almost all, as one brother was totally in the dark) was that Bro Kenneth K Morrison (the brother who was in the dark) was to be awarded honorary membership of 1425 ... a quarter of a century after it had been agreed by the lodge members ! Around that time Bro Kenny had twice stepped in at the last minute as an installing master to assist the lodge in its ceremony of installation when PMs of 1425 had been forced to call off at very short notice due to illness. 1425 had agreed, all those years ago, to award Bro Kenny an honorary membership for his kind services ... but it never happened ... until now.

The look on Bro Kenny's face as one of the brethren whom he had installed into his first office a quarter of a century ago, Bro Jim McLelland DoC, attended to his special duty, was a real picture of surprise. Bro Jim marched over to Bro Kenny sitting in the West and asked him to accompany him to the edge of the carpet. Bro Jim then presented him to the RWM Bro Joseph Fogarty, himself a member of No XII, for any mark of his favour and Bro Joe invited Bro Kenny to advance to the altar and proceeded to obligate him as an honorary member.

After the Obligation, Bro Kenny spoke of the pride and joy he felt and thanked the lodge for the great kindness and generosity it had shown in bestowing the honorary membership upon him. He also recalled the phone calls he received on the occasions when he had been asked to step in and said he had been more than delighted to assist a Sister Lodge in its hour of need. After the meeting Bro Kenny was warmly congratulated by all the brethren in attendance and an excellentHarmony was enjoyed by all.

Bro Alan Beck RWM