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Passing by Glasgow Kilwinning Lodge No 4

The Lodge was busy with 27 members of No XII in attendance and 13 apologies submitted on behalf of absent Brethren.  The No XII members were joined by three Deputations in turn: a deputation of 20 Visiting Brethren from within and outwith the Province, headed by Bro William Lawson, RWM of Lodge Doric Kilwinning No 68, who was invited to the East. RWM Bro Allan MacFeate then invited all reigning Masters and Past Masters to the East. Bro Gordon Leitch, RWM of Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning No 217 and Bro Nicholas Stetz, RWM of Lodge Firth of Clyde Gourock No 626 accepted the invitation. In addition, Bro Malcolm Sinclair, the RWM Elect of Lodge Crawfurdsburn Greenock No 1121 was also invited to the East along with our own Honorary member, Bro Tony Stewart, RWM-elect of Lodge The Prince’s No 607; a fine deputation of 9 Brethren from Glasgow Kilwinning Lodge No 4, headed by their RWM Bro David Vennard, who was invited to the East along with the Past Masters of No 4; a deputation of 5 Brethren from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West, headed by the Provincial Grand Master Bro James P. Livingstone, who was invited to the East.

This was a momentous evening because, as far as we are aware, it was the first time that Glasgow Kilwinning Lodge No 4 had come to No XII to work a degree. The James S Adams Memorial Gavel was passed to No XII’s good friend RWM Bro David Vennard and he and his office Bearers assumed control of the Lodge and conferred an excellent Passing Ceremony.  The ritual work was not, in fact, too dissimilar to that of No XII.  On a personal note, I spoke to Bro Jon McGregor to congratulate him on his contribution as Conferring Master.  It was awe- inspiring! Our Candidate, Bro Andrew Muir, was privileged to receive his Second Degree from such expert craftsmen.

It is to be hoped that this memorable evening further cements the developing links between the two Lodges.


A New RWM for No XII - Nov 2016

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TT90-004On Tuesday November 15th, Freemasons from within and outwith the Province of Renfrewshire West will gather in Greenock Town Hall to attend the 289th Annual Installation of Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No XII. They will witness the installation of Bro Allan T Glen as Right Worshipful Master of the Lodge. Bro Glen succeeds Bro Allan I MacFeate who has held the post of RWM for the last two years.

This very prestigious lodge, which boasts peers and knights of the realm amongst its past senior office bearers, is the oldest in the province and one of the oldest in the world. Instituted in 1728, the lodge was represented at Mary’s Chapel, Edinburgh at the institution of The Grand Lodge of Scotland on November 30th 1736.  It is, in fact, the oldest organisation in Inverclyde.

In being elected Right Worshipful Master, Bro Glen will follow in a long line of distinguished citizens who have previously held this office and he is very much looking forward to the challenge it represents. During his term of office Bro Glen aims to continue the growth of the Lodge, further enhance its involvement in the community, continue its significant charitable work and support sister lodges in Scotland and beyond.

He and his officer bearers will be installed by Bros. Iain White, Alan D Beck and Kenneth C McDougall, all Past Masters of No XII.

A native of Lanarkshire, Bro Glen moved to Boston to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music after graduating from the University of Strathclyde. An accomplished and highly sought after saxophonist, Bro Glen has toured extensively in Europe and America working with many different ensembles and artists.

Bro Glen is currently a member of the music faculty at Edinburgh College, teaching composition, orchestration and film scoring. He is also the Musical Director of the Edinburgh College Big Band. He also teaches saxophone at Newcastle University and previously taught at the University of Strathclyde.

A keen golfer, Bro Glen is a member of East Kilbride Golf Club and hopes to one day get his handicap down to scratch.

Lest We Forget - Remembrance Service at the Well Park, Greenock

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TT90-001RWM Bro Allan I MacFeate laid a wreath at the Remembrance Service in the Well Park on behalf of Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No XII. He was supported at the ceremony by Bros Iain White PM, Allan D Beck PM, David Stevenson, Alex Gray and Allan Jess. Bro Malcolm Sinclair of Lodge Crawfursdburn Greenock No 1121 also laid a wreath.

Despite the dreich, damp Scottish weather, there was a very large turn out of people from local organisations and members of the general public there to pay their repects to thoses who have served and citizens who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Of course, No XII lost 10 brethren in the Great War – Bros. George W Campbell, James Hannah, Henry Hay, Arthur Johnstone, Duncan MacFarlane, David RF Mackail, Alexander N Russell, Joshua H Sanders, James Ritchie Smith and Archibald L Barr - and their names are engraved on the Lodge Memorial Altar.



Office Bearers 2016 - 2017 List

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scroll down for photograph of office bearers installed on the night

Office   Office Bearer  
Right Worshipful Master   Bro. Allan T Glen
Immediate Past Master   Bro. Allan I MacFeate
Depute Master   Bro. James P Livingstone
Substitute Master   Bro. Alexander Galbraith  
Worshipful Senior Warden   Bro. J Robert Crossan
Worshipful Junior Warden   Bro. Brian McFadyen
Secretary    Bro. Kenneth C MacDougall PM  
Treasurer   Bro. David Stevenson  
Almoner   Bro. Alistair Glenny PM
Chaplain   Bro. Robert J Bain PM
Senior Deacon   Bro. Paul Stevenson  
Junior Deacon   Bro. A Campbell Snoddy
Director of Ceremonies   Bro. Iain White PM
Architect   Bro. James McGregor Snr.
Jeweller   Bro. John W Dyer
Bible Bearer   Bro. Kenneth K Morrison PM
Sword Bearer   Bro. James McGregor Jnr.  
Director of Music   Bro. Robert Marshall
Piper   Bro. Alasdair M Beaton PM 609  
Marshal   Bro. Hector Macphail PM  
Inner Guard   Bro. David G Martin
President of Stewards   Bro. Anthony Buckley
1st Assistant Steward   Bro. Iain Hanlon  
2nd Assistant Steward   Bro. Fraser N Cameron  
3rd Assistant Steward   Bro. M Barry Banks  
Tyler   Bro. Ewen MacLean  

office bearers 2016-17xFront Row from left: Worshipful Senior Warden Bro. J Robert Crossan; Bro Alan D Beck PM; Bro David Wilson HM;  Sir Ludovic Shaw Stewart 12th Bart; Director of Ceremonies Bro. Iain White PM; Right Worshipful Master  Bro. Allan T Glen; Immediate Past Master Bro. Allan I MacFeate; Secretary Bro. Kenneth C MacDougall PM ; Depute Master Bro James P Livingstone RWPGM;  Substitute Master Bro. Alexander Galbraith PRWPGM;  Worshipful Junior Warden Bro. Brian McFadyen

Back Row from left: Architect  Bro. Bro. James McGregor;  Almoner Bro. Alistair Glenny PM; Senior Deacon Bro. Paul Stevenson; Junior Deacon Bro. A. Campbell Snoddy; Sword Bearer Bro James McGregor Jr; 2nd Assistant Steward Bro. Fraser N. Cameron; Chaplain Bro. Robert J. Bain PM; Bible Bearer Bro. Kenneth K Morrison PM; Treasurer  Bro. David D. Stevenson; President of Stewards Bro. Anthony Buckley; Inner Guard Bro. David G. Martin; Director of Music Bro Robert Marshall

The way we were

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The feature in the last Twelve Talk led Past Master Bro Alistair Glenny to send me a couple of photos taken at No XII.  One of these is here and it features.

TT 88 005

Bro Henry S Tibbles joined No XII when based here during the War with the Navy.  After the war, business commitments took him South to live but Henry’s enthusiasm for the Craft led him to be installed as Worshipful Master of The Scots’ Lodge in 1980. At this time, he brought a deputation up to the Town Hall when Bro Kenneth K Morrison was Master of No XII and very strong links between the two Lodges began to develop. The photo was taken on the evening of that deputation’s visit.  Of course, much later Bro Henry became RW Master of No XII after returning to Scotland in his retirement.


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