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Penang Masonic Temple
Jalan Utama (Western Road)

From Bro Alistair Glenny PM 

Once more I am pleased to be able to report on my recent visit to Penang, and to highlight the continuing work on the Masonic Hall (Dewan Freemason) where all Masonic business in Penang takes place.

As you will see from the photograph, the Temple illustrates the efforts at the hands of many craftsmen in creating such a superb environment for local & visiting Brethren of all branches of Freemasonry. Well done to all.


The curtains adorn the Main Temple alongside the wall lights and chandeliers, highlighting the arched ceiling revealed during renovations. In the adjacent there is a smaller Temple equally refurbished, an ideal location to facilitate meetings of smaller numbers. The downstairs Hall, again refurbished, whilst not in use for Masonic duties such as Festive Boards etc., is used by the community at large.

To enable easy access from Ground level to the Temple on the Floor above a Lift has been installed. As can been seen guidance can be obtained as in Freemasonry in general by the observing of the “G”


I was able whilst there in Penang to present a token of our Best Wishes with an apt glass trophy showing a handshake. Many hands were used in the building renovation and this gift was well received by the Brethren of Lodge Scotia 1003 by PM Albert Lai from the brethren in Number XII.


The Royal Prince of Wales Lodge No 1555 EC. Is within The District Grand Lodge of The Eastern Archipelago, and in accordance with the Summons I attended on Wednesday 4th January 2017.  English Constitution, practised by a Lodge in Malaysia under the leadership of a Swiss R W M.

The Lodge performed a Third Degree on candidate Brother Sivabalan Munusamy who was initiated on April 1st 2015, passed on 4th November 2015. The degree work was of an exceptional standard and the format was very similar to a Raising carried out in Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No x11.

Fraternal greetings were exchanged, and once more it was a pleasure to renew my friendships.


Whilst Lodge Shamrock in Penang No 938 I.C. had no meeting in January, an invitation was extended to attend a committee meeting chaired by the RWM W.Bro Parameshwaran Kassipillai, and how interesting it was to be reminded that Freemasonry is universal as are its issues and challenges



Bro Iain White PM to be put forward for RWPGM election

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Lodge Greenock Kilwinning is delighted to announce that a member of the lodge, Bro Iain White, PM, has agreed to his name being put forward for election to the office of RWPGM of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West. It is expected that Bro White will be officially nominated in open lodge at our next regular meeting on Tuesday, 7th of February.

Lecture by Bro Iain White PM at Lodge Crawfurdsburn Greenock No 1121

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From RWM Bro Allan T Glen

They say curiosity killed the cat but I think this couldn’t be further from the truth. Curiosity should be encouraged not deterred. I’ve always been a curious person by nature and curiosity was one of my main reasons for joining Greenock Kilwinning No XII and for affiliating to The Anchor Lodge of Research 1814. But, if I’m honest, my knowledge of the history of No XII is limited at best. However, I doubt I’m alone in this. I suspect that few new members of any masonic lodge are aware of the rich history that their lodge contains. That topic, however, may be the subject of another article (that is, if Bro Iain asks me to write one).

When I had heard that PM Bro Iain White was delivering a lecture on “The Curious History between No XII and 1121” it seemed obvious to go, not only to represent No XII as RWM but also to learn something new. On a side note, after being installed into the Chair, I took some time to look at all the jewels on the Master’s collar. Low and behold, the jewel from 1121 is inscribed “Presented to RWM I. White XII 13-3-1990 Entering Conferred at 1121”.

Bro Iain’s lecture was fascinating; full of amazing research and delivered with an obvious passion for the subject. I’ve always enjoyed hearing Iain speak, whether it’s at a Burns Supper, delivering a paper or just chatting at harmony. It’s just a shame that Bro Iain’s research was hampered by holes in the minute books and other documentation. Sadly, we may never fill these holes as all of the brethren involved have passed to the Grand Lodge Above. A poignant reminder that our great fraternity’s history may, one day, be lost because newer members didn’t take enough interest in the history of their lodges and speak with some of the older brethren. I hope Bro Iain publishes his research. I know I would be one of the first in line for a copy.

Singing Christmas carols and enjoy some ginger wine and mince pies in the company of friends was the perfect end to the evening and the perfect way to get well and truly into the Christmas spirit. My only request to RWM Malcolm Sinclair is that next year we sing “O Come All Ye Faithful” in a lower key. I haven’t had to sing that high since I was at university!

Maybe these ‘history meetings’ should become a regular occurrence. I’m sure newer members (and even some older members) would welcome to opportunity to learn more about their lodge. I always tell my students that if you leave any of my classes having learned just one thing then I’ve done my job. Needless to say, Bro Iain was incredibly successful in his that night.

TT 92 004

Bros Crawford and Eddie honoured by 626

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extract from Twelve Talk 92 by Bro Iain White....

This Twelve Talk is like the Crawford Kirkpatrick fanzine! Bro Crawford features again because he and that other staunch member of No XII and prolific visitor, Bro Eddie McGill, were given Honorary Membership of Lodge Firth of Clyde Gourock No 626 on Monday 12th December 2016.  There was a huge attendance at the meeting because, although the word was out there, in another sense it was the best kept secret in Freemasonry!  Included in the company were a large number of members of No XII and a deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West.  Of course, Bros Crawford and Eddie have Honorary Grand Rank in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West.

TT 92 003

Bro W. Crawford Kirkpatrick 50 Years and Counting

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Bro Crawford Kirkpatrick celebrated 50 years in No XII at our meeting on Tuesday 6th December 2016.  A regular at our meetings (and those of all the other Lodges in the Province and lodges beyond), Bro Crawford is one of the Province’s best known Masons.  It so happened that he received is 50 Year Diploma exactly 50 years to the day from his Initiation.  Bro Crawford’s Father, Bro Alexander A Kirkpatrick, served as Lodge Secretary between 1959 and 1965 years and was RW Master in 1968-70.  Bro Derek Kirkpatrick, Bro Crawford’s son, was RW Master of No XII between 1999 and 2001 and is proud to wear his grandfather’s Past Master’s jewel. The Kirkpatrick family connection with No XII began in 1911 when Bro Crawford’s Grandfather, Bro William Crawford Kirkpatrick (strange similarity there), joined the Lodge on 14th December.

Bro Derek lives in the south of England, his work having taken him there, so he does not get to our meetings as often as he would like, but he came up specially to see his father get his diploma.  All in all it was a very happy addition to our Annual Divine Service meeting.

TT 92 002


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