No XII and Lodge Crawfurdsburn Greenock No 1121 - Exemplification of Passing Tuesday 27th March

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The strong relationship between the two Lodges stretches back to the consecration of Lodge Crawfurdsburn in 1913. This was further cemented at the 175 Masonic Club on Tuesday 27th March, when RWM Bro Allan T Glen took a deputation of 14 brethren of No XII, and our good friend, Bro Stewart M Aitken PM of the Glasgow Star Lodge No. 219, to exemplify a Passing.

The Degree Team was
Obligation RWM Bro Allan T Glen
Secrets Bro Iain White PM
Apron Bro J Robert Crossan WSW
Working Tools Bro Robert J Bain PM
Tracing Board Bro Kenneth C MacDougall PM
Charge Bro Brian McFadyen WJW.

The ‘candidate’ for the evening was Bro Campbell McDiarmid JD of Lodge Crawfurdsburn. RWM Bro Malcom Sinclair of Lodge Crawfurdsburn paid compliments to the quality of the work done by the degree team and we enjoyed some Lodge hospitality after the meeting was over. The pie and beans were very tasty.

NoXII deputation 27-03-18

AB MSAt the end of the meeting there seemed to be a little confusion in our RWM’s mind about the circumstances in which he had first met RWM Bro Malcolm Sinclair of Lodge Crawfurdsburn, but the confusion is now over. They say that the camera never lies so here it is

The date was Tuesday 24th September 2013 and, again No XII was at Crawfurdsburn to confer a Passing. Again, it was an exemplification and, on that occasion, the ‘candidate’ for that evening was none other than Bro Malcolm Sinclair, pictured here, on the left. with Bro Alan D Beck, RWM of No XII at the time.

Grampa Bain PM

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Congratulations to Grampa Bob Bain PM and his lovely wife Margaret, their daughter Jennifer has just given them an early Christmas present of a new baby boy, their first grandson.
Best wishes from all at No XII and beyond.


Honorary Grand Architect Bro Kenneth K Morrison

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Congratulations to Bro Kenneth K Morrison PM who received the rank of Honorary Grand Architect from the Grand Master Mason Bro Charles Iain Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont at the Grand Lodge Communication on 30th November 2017.

09 - Twa Dugs KKM

Happy 98th Birthday Bro Henry Tibbles PM

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Recently a few of our Brethren went down to visit Bro Henry Tibbles PM on the occassion of his 98th birthday. Bro Henry was delighted to see the Brethren and wished everyone at the lodge good wishes.





290th Annual Installation

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Tuesday 21st November 2017coa5 blue Bro Allan Thomas Glen was reinstalled into the Chair as Right Worshipful Master in front of a large number of brethren from within and outwith the province of Renfrewshire West in a busy Town Hall Saloon. The deputation of visiting brethren was led, as always, by the RWM of Lodge Doric Kilwinning No 68. In this case the man at the head was Bro Alexander Bloomfield Wilson RWM.

D71 3269A native of Lanarkshire, Bro Glen moved to Boston to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music after graduating from the University of Strathclyde. An accomplished and highly sought-after saxophonist, Bro Glen has toured extensively in Europe and America working with many different ensembles and artists.

Bro Glen is currently a member of the music faculty at Edinburgh College, teaching composition, orchestration and film scoring.

At the Harmony in the main Town Hall, our top table guests were piped in by our newly installed Lodge Piper Bro Andrew Muir, thereafter a large number of brethren enjoyed a delicious supper, expertly prepared and served by our President of Stewards Bro Tony Buckley and his staff from ICE Scotland.

The usual Loyal and Masonic Toasts were observed. Bro Allan T. Glen RWM toasted Her Majesty the Queen. His Toasts to The Grand Lodge of Scotland and The Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West were D71 3318replied to by Bro Robin McIntyre Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Elect.

Past Master Bro Robert J. Bain, himself a former regular soldier, delivered a heartfelt toast to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

As is the custom in No XII, Inverclyde Council was represented at the Installation Dinner and Harmony. On this occasion, Provost Martin Brennan addressed the assembled brethren and spoke of the long and close connection between No XII and the town of Greenock and the Lodge’s historic right to meet in the D71 3329Saloon of the Town Hall. This dates back to April 1765, when an agreement was made with the magistrates and council of the Burgh of Greenock that by contributing financial assistance to the project (equivalent to over £2 million today) the Lodge would hold a share in the property, and would thereafter secure the right in perpetuity to conduct its meetings and business in the new Town House and its replacement, the current Town Hall. The first meeting in the new venue was on 10th September 1766, and but for a short space between 1858 and 1865 while the current Town Hall was being built, all meetings were, and still are, held in the Municipal Buildings.

Provost Brennan concluded as he extended his good wishes to the new RWM and Lodge for the forthcoming session.

D71 3328

The Right Worshipful Master, Bro Glen toasted the Installing Masters and the reply given Principal Installing Master Bro. Iain White PM.

Bro J. Robert Crossan WSW toasted the Visiting Brethren and, as is traditional in No XII, the reply was given by Bro Alexander Bloomfield Wilson RWM of Lodge Doric Kilwinning No 68.

The artistes were toasted by Bro Brian McFadyen WJW.

Musical contributions from Cheryl Forbes and her accompanist husband Gordon Cree were very much enjoyed by the company.

The extremely happy evening finished with the singing of Auld Lang Syne and three hearty cheers!


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