No XII and the Great War - A Very Special Meeting on Tuesday 6th November 2018

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A very special meeting.  The AGM will run from 7:00pm to 7:30.  
Visitors will then be admitted.  The theme for the evening is No XII and the Great War which will be an evening of remembrance and commemoration involving songs and stories, poems and the Great Highland Bagpipe.  Of course, it marks the centenary of the end of the Great War.

In lieu of a newsletter, the programme for the evening is show below.  Please come along.

Iain White Great War Armistice Prog pg1Iain White Great War Armistice Prog pg2

Iain White Great War Armistice Prog pg3Iain White Great War Armistice Prog pg4

Visitation to Lodge Renfrew County Kilwinning No 370

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On Thursday 13th September our RWM Bro Allan Glen headed a deputation to our good friends at Lodge Renfrew County Kilwinning No 370. The deputation although surprisingly small in number, but some may say were perfectly formed.

We lined up to enter the Lodge at 8:10 ish pm and were warmly welcomed by their IPM Bro Andrew Thomson and the Brethren. Our RWM was invited to the East along with our Past Masters. After everyone had found a seat and the Lodge settled down, IPM Bro Andrew Thomson presented our RWM Bro Allan Glen with the Gavel and the office bearers were swapped in favour of No XII. We then proceeded to carry out an Exemplification of an Entering on Bro John Thomson, who by all accounts is no stranger to being roped in to the role of candidate.

The degree team was :-

Prayer – IPM Bro Allan MacFeate                                                      Senior Deacon – Bro Fraser Cameron
Obligation – RWM Bro Allan Glen                                                      Junior Deacon – Bro Ken MacDougall PM
Secrets – Bro Alan Beck PM                                                                Inner Guard – Bro Robert Marshall IG
Apron – Bro Bob Crossan WSW
NEC – Bro Robert Marshall IG
Tools – IPM Bro Allan MacFeate
Charge – Bro Ken MacDougall PM

IMG 4040

Our small but perfectly formed deputation, left to right

Bro Bob Crossan WSW Bro Fraser Cameron Assistant Steward Bro Allan Jess Chaplain Bro Alan Beck PM, IPM Bro Allan MacFeate RWM Bro Allan Glen, Bro Brian McFadyen WJW Bro Robert Marshall IG and Bro Ken MacDougall PM

Bro Bob Crossan WSW

Summer Meeting Tuesday 7th June 2018

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1920LOGO-f blue and gold No INST 1728Our next meeting is the Special Summer Meeting and is on Thursday 7th June at 730pm. A Thursday is chosen because our regular Tuesday slot would be difficult for the keen boolers to attend, as Tuesday is the night for the  Greenock and District League matches between the various clubs. The first special meeting was in June 2012 and was called to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. From 2013, the meeting became an Entering,  conferred by the Past Masters and thus it has been since. Each year, the RWM has approached a Past Master to take the Chair and set up the team. The Past Masters in the Chair have been: 2013 Bro Iain White, 2014 Bro KK  Morrison, 2015 Bro Alistair Glenny, 2016 Bro Derek A. Kirkpatrick, 2017 Bro Robert J Bain. This year, the team will be led by Bro Hector Macphail PM and it is WSW Bro KK Morrison WJW Bro Alistair Glenny SD Bro Iain White JD Bro Kenneth C MacDougall IG Bro Robert J Bain.

At this rate the Past Masters’ Entering at the Special Summer meeting will soon be a ‘tradition’ of the Lodge. I can almost hear people saying, “And it’s always been an Entering.’ But we know different, don’t we? But such is the nature of ‘traditions’ in the Craft and how they come to pass!! Also on Thursday, our new Hymn Books will be dedicated to the memory of the late Bro Wilson J McCulloch PM by Bro Jack Glenny PM. Jack knew Wilson very well and  this knowledge combined with Jack being a Church of Scotland reader will make the act of dedication very special.

Further, we have Bro Gordon Michie, Past SPGM of Fife and Kinross and a Past Master of Lodge Earl Haig No 1260, along on behalf of PoppyScotland to receive a cheque for £1918 from the No XII Charity Drive. This is No XII’s contribution to the 1918 Poppy Pledge, commemorating the Centenary of the end of the Great War and, of course, the 10 brethren of No XII who made the supreme sacrifice in that awful conflict who are named on our Memorial Altar.

And finally, watch out for the Special Royal Occasion at this meeting…

Article taken from Twelve Talk No 110, thanks to Bro Iain White PM

Open Twelve Talk 110

PM John Adamson Memorial Trophy

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PM John Adamson Memorial Trophy presented for Young Team of the Year at Greenock Wanderers Family Day 27th May 2018

PM John Adamson trophy 2108

Annual Bowling Challenge v Lodge Crawfurdsburn No 1121 - 2018

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What a great morning we had on Saturday 5th May 2018 when Brethren from No XII, with a few guest appearances by our usual Brethren from other lodges, lined up against the mighty bowling stars of Lodge Crawfurdsburn No 1121.

Since it's inception in 1990 the Trophy has been contested 25 times with No 1121 well in the lead winning 17 to No XII 8 times. This is despite in the first 6 years it was turn about each year. No 1121 then went on an impressive 6 in a row in 1998 - 2003 until 7 in a row was averted by No XII in 2004. Since then No XII won the trophy in 2004, 2007, 2008 (yes 2 in a row) and 2015 (to stop 4 in a row). No 1121 hit back winning it again in 2016 and 2017.

Well now onto this year 2018, we had a terrific day and the rain stayed off to let No XII regain the trophy for the first time since 2015. I will not give you the overall score, don't want to embarrass our friends ....... we're just happy it wasn't us getting thrashed for a change......

Thanks to everyone for setting up and for playing. Thanks also to Ardgowan Bowling Club and to our dear friend Cathy Morrison, just back from Australia with Kenny, but still there to support us all, for doing the raffle and for serving up a great roll n' pie at the end of the match.....

All that said we all really enjoyed our day together with our friends and look forward to next year.

Bowling 2018


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