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Office Bearers 2015 - 2016 List

scroll down for photograph of office bearers installed on the night

Office   Office Bearer  
Right Worshipful Master   Bro. Allan I MacFeate
Immediate Past Master   Bro. Alan D Beck
Depute Master   Bro. Derek MacFeate
Substitute Master   Bro. Alexander Galbraith  
Worshipful Senior Warden   Bro. Allan T Glen
Worshipful Junior Warden   Bro. J Robert Crossan
Secretary    Bro. Kenneth C MacDougall PM  
Treasurer   Bro. David Stevenson  
Almoner   Bro. Alistair Glenny PM
Chaplain   Bro. Robert J Bain PM
Senior Deacon   Bro. Paul G Galbraith  
Junior Deacon   Bro. A Campbell Snoddy
Director of Ceremonies   Bro. Iain White PM
Architect   Bro. Brian McFadyen  
Jeweller   Bro. John W Dyer
Bible Bearer   Bro. Kenneth K Morrison PM
Sword Bearer   Bro. James McGregor Jnr.  
Director of Music   Bro. James McGregor Snr.  
Piper   Bro. Alasdair M Beaton PM 609  
Marshal   Bro. Hector Macphail PM  
Inner Guard   Bro. Paul Stevenson
President of Stewards   Bro. Anthony Buckley
1st Assistant Steward   Bro. Iain Hanlon  
2nd Assistant Steward   Bro. Fraser M Cameron  
3rd Assistant Steward   Bro. M Barry Banks  
Tyler   Bro. Ewen MacLean  

Office Bearers 2015-2016

Back:  Bro Paul Galbraith (Senior Deacon) Bro Murray Thomson PM Bro Campbell Snoddy (Junior Deacon) James McGregor (Dir of Music) Bro James McGregor Jnr (Sword Bearer) Bro Kenneth K Morrison PM (Bible Bearer) Bro Bob Bain PM (Chaplain) Bro Fraser Cameron (2nd Steward) Bro Brian McFadyen (Architect) Bro Iain Hanlon (1st Steward) Bro Tony Buckley (Pres of Stewards) Bro David Stevenson (Treasurer) Bro Paul Stevenson (Inner Guard)

Front Row: Bro Bob Crossan (WJW) Bro Alex Galbraith PM (Substitute Master) Bro Alan D Beck (IPM) Bro Ken MacDougall PM (Secretary) Bro Iain White PM (DoC) Bro Allan I MacFeate (RWM) Bro James P Livingstone (RWPGM) Bro Hector Macphail PM (Marshal) Bro Derek MacFeate (Depute Master) Bro David Wilson Bro Alistair Glenny PM (Almoner)

Next Meeting Tuesday 17th November 2015 Re-installation of Bro. Capt. Allan I. MacFeate

Instituted in 1728, No XII was represented at Mary’s Chapel, Edinburgh at the institution of The Grand Lodge of Scotland on November 30th 1736. It is, in fact, the oldest organisation in Inverclyde.  Since 1765, No XII has had a very close association with Greenock Corporation and now Inverclyde Council. The Lodge made an agreement at that time with the Magistrates and Council to purchase a share in the property of the new Town House then being built.  In recognition of this, Depute Provost Bro David Wilson will attend to represent Inverclyde Council.  Bro Wilson was made an Honorary Member of No XII in 2014 in recognition of the partnership between No XII and Inverclyde Council.  Sir Ludovic Shaw Stewart Bart. will also attend the Dinner.
In being re-elected to this Office, Bro MacFeate follows in a long line of distinguished citizens who have also held this Office and he is looking very much forward to building on the successes of his first term. During his first year, Bro MacFeate continued the growth of the Lodge, further enhanced its involvement in the community, continued its significant charitable work and supported Sister Lodges in Scotland and beyond. 

He and his Office Bearers will be installed by Bros Iain White, Hector Macphail and Kenneth C. MacDougall, all Past Masters of No.XII.  Bro. White was Bro MacFeate’s Proposer in 1987.

Captain MacFeate, a retired Master Mariner, has lived most of his life in Inverclyde and was educated at Gourock and Greenock High Schools. His nautical career commenced with his pre-sea Cadet Officer training at the James Watt Memorial College, William Street, Greenock, where he later studied for his 2nd Mates and 1st Mates Certificates. He then attended College in Glasgow for his Masters Certificate. His earlier years were spent on cargo passenger liners as a Cadet Officer rising to the rank of Chief Officer trading to and from the UK and Europe to the Far East. He then transferred to the Offshore Industry, spending sixteen years on the Scott-Lithgow built Drill Ship Ben Ocean Lancer, where he was promoted to Master.

He has a keen interest in local sports and is a member of Greenock Wanderers Rugby Cub, Greenock Cricket Club and Gourock Golf Club.  Bro MacFeate is also a member of The Greenock Burns Club (The Mother Club) and a social member of the Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club. Most of all, he especially enjoys being a Granddad.

Our Previous Meeting – Tuesday 20th October 2015 Passing Conferred by Lodge Firth of Clyde Gourock No 626

We had a huge attendance at the meeting on Tuesday 3rd November.  A big home support was swelled by the travelling brethren from within and out with the province.  Our Principal guests, Lodge Firth of Clyde, brought a Deputation of over two dozen brethren, led by Bro Nicky Stetz RWM.  I was personally delighted to see this support for Bro Nicky, and No XII, as I was able to identify members of the deputation who had been weel kent figures in the Province when I joined the Craft in 1974 – like Past Masters Murdo Munro, Rudy Stetz and Raymond Bruce – my contemporaries like Past Masters Bro Robert Wilson and Jim Livingstone (who was actually sitting at the organ in his role as an affiliate member of No XII) – our Honorary Member Bro Kenny McCrae PM and, of course, all the current, up-and-coming- office bearers and brethren whom we know so well from their visits to No XII and No XII brethren going to John Street.

As we rightly expected the degree had the hallmark of excellence written all over it and our candidate, Bro Alex Gray, was privileged to receive such a fine Passing.  This was Bro Nicky’s first degree conferred ‘on the road’.  He did a magnificent job himself and he was justifiably proud of his team.

On the evening we had other RWMs with us.  Bro Clive Taulbut of Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning No 217 was too shy to join in the photo but below we can see (from the left) RWMs Bro Willie Lawson (Lodge Doric Kilwinning No 68), RWM Bro Capt. Allan I MacFeate (No XII), RWM Bro Nicky Stetz (626) and Bro Gary Muircroft Lodge Robert King Stewart No 919 from New Stevenston by Motherwell

626 conf 2nd

Alan D Beck IPM takes the Chair at Lodge The Prince’s No 607

Monday 2nd December 2015 was a historic night for No XII when IPM Bro Alan D Beck was installed into the Chair of Lodge The Prince’s, at their meeting place in the Masonic Temple in Mafeking Street in the shadow of Ibrox Stadium.  As far as I (Bro Iain White PM) am aware from my meanderings through the history of No XII, it is the first time that a Past Master who has No XII as his Mother Lodge has taken the Chair elsewhere, aside, of course, from those who have been Provincial Grand Masters in Renfrewshire West – Bros James Hendry and David M Leith.

Lodge The Prince’s is, itself, a Lodge of great distinction.  Founded in 1877, its first initiate was Sir William Pearce Bart., the Govan shipbuilder.  He came Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow in 1880 and a further SIX members of Lodge The Prince’s have occupied that office  As far as we are aware, four members of No XII have affiliated to Lodge The Prince’s viz.  Bro Beck, Bro Iain White PM and Bro Tony Stewart (HM) in the last few years and one of No XII’s most celebrated members Bro Robert Lyons Scott PM who affiliated in the early 1900s.

Bro Alan was supported on the evening by a great number of brethren from No XII, other lodges in the Province and members of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West.  Bro Bob Crossan WJW did a great job as transport coordinator getting everyone there and home again in one piece.  When I had a wee look at the Sederunt Book, I counted 23 members of No XII in attendance.  There may have been more!  Bro Alan was installed into the Chair by me (Bro Iain White), assisted by Bro Bobby Shaw who was vacating the Chair at Lodge The Prince’s. Bobby has twice been Master of his Mother Lodge, The Bridgeton and Glasgow Shamrock and Thistle Lodge No 275. On the evening of installation, our own RWPGM, Bro James P Livingstone, delivered the Toast to the Lodge and PPGM and past Substitute Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Bro Alexander Galbraith, was at the Top Table.  Bros. Jim and Alex are, of course, affiliate members of No XII. Our RWM Bro Capt. Allan I MacFeate led the deputation of the visiting brethren and replied to the Toast to the Visiting Brethren. Bro Alan was further honoured by the attendance, in person, of Bro James Peddie RWPGM of Glasgow and a number of his Office Bearers.

After the ceremony, the dinner was of the usual Prince’s high standard and the entertainment from Past Masters Ian A Macpherson MBE of Lodge the Prince’s, Jim Gray of Lodge Pollok and David Vennard of The Glasgow Kilwinning Lodge No 4 was par excellence.





Bro Iain White PM

The Charity Drive - £150 presented to Local Athlete Jonny Glen


Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No XII aims to support a wide range of worthy causes in our community in its charitable work.  This was reflected in the individuals and groups nominated by RWM Bro Capt. Alan I MacFeate for assistance this year.  Jonny Glen of Inverclyde Athletic Club is one of Scotland’s most successful athletes.  He is ranked number 1 in Scotland for 10,000m, 5,000m and 3,000m, being Scottish champion at these distances.  Jonny is also the Scottish, UK International and UK Cross Country Challenge champion.  A regular in Scottish international teams, Jonny has represented Team GB at the Edinburgh International, the European Cross Country Championships in Bulgaria and the World Cross Country Championships in China. 

Jonny is shown in the photo (centre) receiving a sponsorship cheque for £150 from RWM Bro Allan I MacFeate (left).  They are accompanied by Jonny’s coach and mentor, Mark Pollard (right), who is also Scottish Athletics Development Coach of the year.

In its support for local sports, No XII also sponsors Greenock Wanderers RFC.

Bro Alex More - Our Senior Past Master

It was with a great deal of expectation that a small, but nonetheless extremely distinguished,

delegation of No XII Past Masters – Bros Kenny Morrison, Alistair Glenny and me (Iain White) - travelled from South to North on Monday 9th November.  The destination was Luncarty in deepest Perthshire.  The journey of exploration was to visit No XII’s Senior Past Master Bro Alex More at his home in Luncarty. 

Bro More was in the Chair of No XII when I joined in 1974.  I can recall few things about my Entering but I so remember Bro Alex’s imposing figure in the East, his voice still characterized by his Caithness upbringing and him saying at the end that he was sure that No XII’s new Entered Apprentice would be pleased that ‘His Father is now his Brother.’  You see my Dad, Bro Harry White of Lodge Greenock St John’s No 175, was there on the evening and he and Alex knew one another very well as teachers of Technical Education.  My Dad finished his career as Assistant Rector of Castlehead High School in Paisley and Alex as a lecturer at Strathclyde University in the Faculty of Education.


We were indebted to Bro Alistair whose consummate motoring and navigational skills got us to the previously unknown streets of Luncarty and, after a wee bit of footering, to big Alex’s monobloc drive.  We were strangers in town.  I had flashbacks to the Clint Eastwood films of my favourite genre – the spaghetti Western – as we approached Alex’s door with neighbours’ curtains twitching and the hombre next door giving us a quizzical look. However, all was well as the door opened and we were met by big Alex, just as we remembered him and giving us the warmest of welcomes.

It was 4 hours that flew by as we ranged through a discussion that took us back to No XII and Greenock in the 1960s and 70s, Alex’s many interests beyond freemasonry and the sad period of ill health and recent passing of his wife Mary. We helped Alex get up to date with local ‘worthies’ of our mutual acquaintance and heard many amusing tales of Alex’s escapades as a part-time house builder of some distinction and expertise.  In amongst all of this he cooked us a delicious 3 course lunch which we all enjoyed.

Alex is a fit and active 89 year old (90 in three months) who would put shame to many who are twenty or thirty years his junior.  We left him around 5pm sharing the hope that he will be able to visit us in the Saloon at a Lodge meeting sometime soon. 

Bro Iain White PM

Remembrance Sunday 2015


No XII was represented by the RWM and brethren at the Remembrance Service at Greenock Cenotaph in the Wellpark on Sunday 8th November.  RWM Bro Allan laid a wreath on our behalf and joined RWM Bro Eddie Ross of Lodge Greenock St John’s No 175 on a very miserable day.

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