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The Installation of Lodge Renfrew County Kilwinning No 370

This large deputation from No XII, led by RWM Bro Allan T Glen, and supported by his two Wardens, attended the Annual Installation at 370 on Thursday 2nd December.  Also in the Deputation was Bro Tony Stewart, RWM of The Prince’s Lodge No 607 and Honorary Member of No XII.  Our Depute Master, Bro James P Livingstone was also in attendance, but in his role as RWPGM. Bro Tony was out at the car and missed the photo shoot. Bro Jim was probably involved in Provincial matters! 

The links between No XII and 370 go back into the mists of time.  Through our Minutes, I have managed to locate deputations inter-visiting as early as 1906.  Sad to say, this relationship between the Lodges had fallen into abeyance for some years  in the early part of this century until the sterling efforts of Past Masters Bro Alan D Beck and Bro Allan I MacFeate began the resurgence.  Since 2013, the Lodges have visited one another several times and conferred degrees.  We were so delighted to see a large number of Brethren from 370 at the No XII Installation last month and were pleased to reciprocate on Thursday.
It was also very pleasant to see RWM Bro Nicky Stetz and IPM Bro Andrew Pigott of Lodge Firth of Clyde Gourock No 626 there too.

Honour for Tony as he becomes RWM of The Prince’s Lodge


Our Honorary Member, and maker of exquisite shortbread, Bro Tony Stewart was placed in the Chair of King Solomon on Monday 7th November when he became RWM of Lodge The Prince’s No 607 in Glasgow.  In taking the Chair, he follows Bro Alan Beck (far left), our PM, who was one of his Installing Masters.  The others were weel kent faces in No XII, Bros Bobby Shaw (far right) and Ian A MacPherson MBE (second left) both Past Masters of The Prince’s.

The way we were - 1994

I am again indebted to Bro Alistair Glenny PM for supplying this edition’s photo.  It is again of a visit to No XII by brethren of The Scots Lodge No 2319 (EC).  The visit took place on Tuesday 20th March 1994 when Bro Alistair was RWM of No XII.  The deputation from Scots was led by WM Bro Ewan Macpherson.  On that occasion, the visit was marked by the presentation of a cheque for £100 by Bro Henry S Tibbles, Past Master of The Scots Lodge, for Sir Gabriel Wood’s Mariners’ Home.  Bro Henry’s Mother Lodge is, of course, No XII and he subsequently became our RWM in 2001.


RWM Bro Alistair may be seen in the centre of the photo with Bro Henry Tibbles on his right and Bro Jimmy Anderson of The Scots Lodge on his right.  Bro Jimmy became an Honorary Member of No XII some years later. The two Bro Pipers should be recognizable to you as (now) Past Masters Iain White and Hector Macphail who were, at that time, Senior and Junior Deacon respectively.  They have worn so well over the years that you would pick them out right away!  To show that some things do not change, PM White’s dram may be seen nestling on the window ledge just within reach and certainly within vision in the interests of security.  As Para Handy once said, ‘Aye, pipers is thirsty folk …’.

I am further indebted to Bro Bob Crossan WSW for his skills in using Photoshop.  Bro Alistair’s original photo was in a pretty sorry state but Bro Bob worked his technological magic on it to bring it back to life.

Bro Iain White PM

Syllabus 2016 - 2017

Just a short message to let you know that I have now published the syllabus for the rest of this session and it is available on the menu bar of the website or you can click here


The way we were - November 1991

The photo this time is of RWM Bro Hector Macphail, his Past Masters and Office bearers on the occasion of his Installation in November 1991. See how many faces you recognise and remember before looking at the legend below the photo!

Note also that Bro Hector is sitting on the old Master’s Chair that we lost in a theft from the Town Hall.  It was replaced by the big Ecclesiastical Chair that we now use.


Front from Left: Bros John Adamson PM Murray Thomson JD Ian M Ross WSW Hector Macphail RWM James S Adams WJW Robert J Bain JD RJ Drainer Jnr PM

Middle from Left:  Bros Iain White PM John C Glenny PM H Campbell Barr PM Wilson J McCulloch PM KK Morrison PM Philip Robertson Norman Gray Crawford Kirkpatrick

Rear from Left: Henry S Tibbles PM 2319 (EC) James McGregor Rodney Beal Allan M Goodall Alan Knox David R Miller

Honorary Membership for Neil - 1st November 2016

Bro Neil McLachlan Johnston, of Lodge Firth of Clyde Gourock No 626, was completely taken aback when he was called to the Centre of the floor and told that he had been proposed for Honorary Membership of No XII in recognition of his extremely regular attendance at our Lodge meetings.  Having overcome his surprise, he took the Obligation he was received enthusiastically and warmly and expressed his thanks to the Brethren. Bro Neil promised to continue to support No XII.  Bro Neil is seen below flanked on his right by RWM Bro Allan I MacFeate and his left by RWPGM Bro James P Livingstone who, of course, is of slightly more than passing acquaintance to him!


Previous Meeting 1st November 2016

Passing by Glasgow Kilwinning Lodge No 4

The Lodge was busy with 27 members of No XII in attendance and 13 apologies submitted on behalf of absent Brethren.  The No XII members were joined by three Deputations in turn: a deputation of 20 Visiting Brethren from within and outwith the Province, headed by Bro William Lawson, RWM of Lodge Doric Kilwinning No 68, who was invited to the East. RWM Bro Allan MacFeate then invited all reigning Masters and Past Masters to the East. Bro Gordon Leitch, RWM of Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning No 217 and Bro Nicholas Stetz, RWM of Lodge Firth of Clyde Gourock No 626 accepted the invitation. In addition, Bro Malcolm Sinclair, the RWM Elect of Lodge Crawfurdsburn Greenock No 1121 was also invited to the East along with our own Honorary member, Bro Tony Stewart, RWM-elect of Lodge The Prince’s No 607; a fine deputation of 9 Brethren from Glasgow Kilwinning Lodge No 4, headed by their RWM Bro David Vennard, who was invited to the East along with the Past Masters of No 4; a deputation of 5 Brethren from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West, headed by the Provincial Grand Master Bro James P. Livingstone, who was invited to the East.

This was a momentous evening because, as far as we are aware, it was the first time that Glasgow Kilwinning Lodge No 4 had come to No XII to work a degree. The James S Adams Memorial Gavel was passed to No XII’s good friend RWM Bro David Vennard and he and his office Bearers assumed control of the Lodge and conferred an excellent Passing Ceremony.  The ritual work was not, in fact, too dissimilar to that of No XII.  On a personal note, I spoke to Bro Jon McGregor to congratulate him on his contribution as Conferring Master.  It was awe- inspiring! Our Candidate, Bro Andrew Muir, was privileged to receive his Second Degree from such expert craftsmen.

It is to be hoped that this memorable evening further cements the developing links between the two Lodges.


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