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The Summer Meeting

The date for the summer meeting has been set.  It will take place on Thursday 5th June.  We have deliberately moved away from our usual Tuesday because this is the night when the inter club matches in the Greenock and District Bowling league are played and we want to be able to accommodate the vast number of brethren who are boolers!! Again it will be an Entering conferred by the Past Masters and the Chair will be taken by Bro Kenny Morrison.  We hope that there will be a great attendance.  There seems to be an appetite amongst the brethren for meetings during the recess.  Perhaps it helps to allay the withdrawal symptoms!  The collection at the meeting will again go to the charity drive, something that is becoming an integral part of the Lodge activities.

Bro Phil Robertson

We were all very sad when we heard that Bro Phil Robertson had passed to the Grand Lodge Above after a resolute battle with cancer.  Bro Phil joined the Lodge in 1989 and quickly became a well-respected member and office bearer.  In some ways, it must have been almost inevitable that he would join the Craft being a boilermaker in Kincaid’s, an elder in the Mid Kirk and a lifelong member of the 12th Greenock Company, The Boys’ Brigade.
Phil was moving nicely through progressive offices in No XII, and would have doubtless taken the Chair, had the closure of Kincaid’s not led him to a different work regime, ultimately being employed for some years in Aberdeen. Back in February, Phil was with us again when he joined us at the No XII Charity Burns Supper.  I know that we were all delighted to see him there.  It was like welcoming a member of the family home. Phil was Mid Kirk’s youngest elder when
ordained and served the Church very faithfully. However, out with his own family it could be said that Phil’s home really was the BB. He joined the Shipmates aged 6, progressed through the Lifeboys and ultimately became an officer and the Company Captain in the 12th for 10 years. He was also a Past Battalion Vice President. No XII and the Craft were well represented at a very dignified and moving service in the Wellpark Mid Kirk. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with Phil’s wife Patricia and their family at this sad time.

A look back in time - by Bro Iain White PM

The photo and information below was in the last Edition of XII Talk (48).  Almost as soon as it was published, Immediate Past Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Bro Jimmy Miller contacted me because he had identified another mason in the ranks of the BB Old Boys.  In the foreground, wearing the light coloured jacket is Bro Archie ‘Twinkletoes’ Lindsay of Lodge Greenock St John’s No 175.  Bro Jimmy told me that he worked on the submarines in Scotts Cartsburn Dockyard with Bro Archie for many years and that Archie was an adept ballroom dancer, hence the nickname ‘Twinkletoes’.

Bro Alex Gbb - logoalbraith was telling me about this photo and I asked him for a scan.  It was taken of the ‘Old Boys’ at the centenary parade of the Boys’ Brigade in Greenock.  If you look carefully in the photo, you will See Bro Neil Forbes (Lodge Crawfurdsburn Greenock No 1121 and Honorary Member Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No XII) Bro Alex Galbraith (Lodge Greenock St John’s No 175, The Anchor Lodge of Research No 1814 and Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No XII) Bro Adam Piggott (Lodge Greenock St John’s No 175) the late Bro Jim Hotchkiss (Lodge Greenock St John’s No 175) Bro Hector Macphail  (Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No XII) and the late Bro Jim Adams (Lodge Greenock Kilwinning No XII).  I myself was in the parade but at the front of this column playing in the pipe band.  Happy days.

bb - old boys


Lodge Crawfurdsburn Greenock No 1121 Centenary Meeting

1121 - candidate
No XII was very honoured to be invited to attend the Centenary Meeting of Lodge Crawfurdsburn Greenock No 1121 on Tuesday 24th September and exemplify the Second Degree.  The ‘candidate’ on the evening was our old friend Bro Malky Sinclair.  It was a great evening.  Bro George Carson Jr welcomed us into the Lodge and a deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West, headed by RWPGM Bro James P Livingstone, was also in attendance.

There was a big crowd at the meeting and the degree went very well. 
The team was

Prayer                          Bro Iain White PM
Obligation                     Bro Alan D Beck PM
Secrets                         Bro Bob Bain IPM
Working Tools               Bro Allan Macfeate DM
Tracing Board               Bro Ken MacDougall PM
Charge                         Bro Bob Bain IPM

At the end of the ceremonial, Bro Alan D Beck RWM presented RWM Bro George Carson Jr with a suitably engraved Quaich, on behalf of No XII, to mark the Crawfurdsburn Centenary

1121 - XII Deputation

back row:  Bro Allan Glen SD  Bro Bob Crossan JD  Bro Dugald Rankin  Bro Eddie McGill  Bro Crawford Kilpatrick      
  Bro Jas McGregor Jnr Bro Gordon Thomson IG  Bro Allan Mcfeate DM    
front row: Bro Jim Lever HM  Bro Alistair Glenny PM  Bro Iain White PM  Bro Alan D Beck RWM  Bro Bob Bain IPM    
  Bro Ken McDougall PM  Bro Martin Anderson WSW    

Gourmet Dinner

The gourmet dinner at the Greenock Golf Club on Saturday 21st September was a great success.  Golf Club Chef, Gary Lewis, created a magnificent menu for us and the food was beautifully prepared and presented.  11 members attended and had a most enjoyable time.  We were entertained by Polly Beck and IPM Bro Bob Bain who sang for us.  Bro Bob summed up the evening in an impromptu speech. He commented on the how good it was for us to get together with our partners in the way that we used to do in days gone by.  It is hoped to run a similar event in the spring.

Gourmet Night - Alan BeckGourmet - Bob Bain

Gourmet - Diners1

Gourmet - Diners2

Tuesday 17th September – Passing by Lodge Greenock St John’s No 175

Alex Bryce and RWM Alan D Beck

Bro AlexJohnstone RWM Lodge Greenock St John’s No 175
Bro Bryce MacLeod Fellowcraft No XII and Candidate for the evening
and Bro Alan D Beck RWM


175 Deputation

XII Talk substitute


Having listened to the sales pitch from Bros Allan Glen and Iain Gordon whilst dining at the Princes Lodge, I have switched from PC to MacBook Pro. 
However, I am still getting to grips with the new machine.  As a result this is a wee substitute XII Talk and I shall be back in form in a fortnight.

Tuesday sees our first meeting for 2013-14 at No XII.  It is an entering and we have 3 candidates.  Yes 3!!!!  Hope to see you there.

Also, there is a wee message from RWM Bro Alan Beck below ...

Since our last regular meeting I have made 42 visitations to sister lodges within and without the Province of Renfrewshire West and have exchanged
fraternal greetings on your behalf.  On these visits I have been afforded the company of several members of NoXII and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking each and every one of those members for their support.  These visitations have taken my total number of visitations to 97 and I intend to reach the magic hundred mark when we confer a Passing at Lodge Montgomery Kilwinning Skelmorlie 624 on Wednesday September 11th.  I would be delighted to have as many of you as possible accompany me on that occasion.

It would normally be wrong to single out any visitation in particular but one really sticks out as being most memorable.  On May 9th I was honoured to be invited to reply on behalf of the visitors at the harmony following the 50th Anniversary Rededication meeting of Lodge Shalom.  The evening was memorable for several reasons but two in particular stand out.  Firstly, the impeccable rededication ceremony by the RWPGM Bro Alistair Henderson and his Office Bearers and secondly the heartfelt toast to the visitors by Bro Shabir, PM of Lodge Shalom 1600 who spoke of how, in this turbulent world, Freemasonry was constantly restoring his faith in humanity everytime he, as a practising Muslim, sat in harmony with Jewish Brethren.  I don't mind telling you that a few of us present felt a lump in the throat that night.  Each meeting I have attended has been special for its own particular reasons and it's safe to say I have enjoyed every single one.

NoXII has a very lively syllabus over the next few months with visitations planned from Lodges Greenock St John's 175, Glasgow and Bridgeton Shamrock and Thistle 275, The Gael 609 (to confer Passings) and The Anchor Lodge of Research (Lecture).  Added to this, we will confer Passings at the aforementioned Lodge Montgomery Kilwinning Skelmorlie 624 and Lodge Crawfordsburn Greenock 1121 and we have been honoured by 1121 by being invited to lead the deputation in to their 100th Anniversary Rededication meeting.

All in all it promises to be an exciting few months ahead for NoXII and that's without even mentioning our five new Candidates and two new Affiliates.  Brethren I hope to see you at as many meetings and visitations as you can
manage - your support is most gratefully appreciated.

RWM Bro Alan

PS Test Fees are now due as are Capitation Donations from Life Members

Kind fraternal regards


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