From RWM Bro Allan T Glen

They say curiosity killed the cat but I think this couldn’t be further from the truth. Curiosity should be encouraged not deterred. I’ve always been a curious person by nature and curiosity was one of my main reasons for joining Greenock Kilwinning No XII and for affiliating to The Anchor Lodge of Research 1814. But, if I’m honest, my knowledge of the history of No XII is limited at best. However, I doubt I’m alone in this. I suspect that few new members of any masonic lodge are aware of the rich history that their lodge contains. That topic, however, may be the subject of another article (that is, if Bro Iain asks me to write one).

When I had heard that PM Bro Iain White was delivering a lecture on “The Curious History between No XII and 1121” it seemed obvious to go, not only to represent No XII as RWM but also to learn something new. On a side note, after being installed into the Chair, I took some time to look at all the jewels on the Master’s collar. Low and behold, the jewel from 1121 is inscribed “Presented to RWM I. White XII 13-3-1990 Entering Conferred at 1121”.

Bro Iain’s lecture was fascinating; full of amazing research and delivered with an obvious passion for the subject. I’ve always enjoyed hearing Iain speak, whether it’s at a Burns Supper, delivering a paper or just chatting at harmony. It’s just a shame that Bro Iain’s research was hampered by holes in the minute books and other documentation. Sadly, we may never fill these holes as all of the brethren involved have passed to the Grand Lodge Above. A poignant reminder that our great fraternity’s history may, one day, be lost because newer members didn’t take enough interest in the history of their lodges and speak with some of the older brethren. I hope Bro Iain publishes his research. I know I would be one of the first in line for a copy.

Singing Christmas carols and enjoy some ginger wine and mince pies in the company of friends was the perfect end to the evening and the perfect way to get well and truly into the Christmas spirit. My only request to RWM Malcolm Sinclair is that next year we sing “O Come All Ye Faithful” in a lower key. I haven’t had to sing that high since I was at university!

Maybe these ‘history meetings’ should become a regular occurrence. I’m sure newer members (and even some older members) would welcome to opportunity to learn more about their lodge. I always tell my students that if you leave any of my classes having learned just one thing then I’ve done my job. Needless to say, Bro Iain was incredibly successful in his that night.

TT 92 004

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