The Annual Divine Service was again conducted by Bro John C Glenny PM.  We are very fortunate to have Bro Jack to support us in this capacity, foras well as being an accomplished ritual worker and a lover of the Craft, Bro Jack is a Reader of The Church of Scotland, and has conducted services around the country, In 2009, he was invited to address the Scottish Parliament at their "Time for Reflection" which they hold at the beginning of each new session. Bro Jack was Moderator of the Greenock and Paisley Presbytery in 2006.

The whole service was spiritually uplifting and delivered in Bro Jack’s customary engaging style.  After the readings Psalms Chapter 36 verses 5-9 and Jeremiah Chapter 18  verses 1-6 delivered by Bro J. Robert Crossan WSW and St John Chapter 15 verses 9-17 by Brian McFadyen WJW the theme for Bro Jack’s sermon was ‘The Potter’s Wheel’. The potter, Bro Jack told us, is one of the oldest jobs in manufacturing and requires great skill. Jeremiah is sent to the potter and sees him at work, creating artefacts of beauty and acknowledges the skill of the craftsman.  On occasion, the work may not be so good and the product does not meet expectations.  However, nothing is wasted for the clay can be remoulded and reshaped.  Bro Jack told us that the Bible saw God as the potter and the clay as his people.  We are moulded in His image and it is comforting to know that when times are difficult or confusing, we may be remoulded into something new. The connections between the Lodge and its members as the potter and his clay are clear as we all work to best serve His purpose.

We were delighted to be joined again by family and friends at the Service as well as brethren from Provincial Grand Lodge and visiting Lodges. 

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