I am again indebted to Bro Alistair Glenny PM for supplying this edition’s photo.  It is again of a visit to No XII by brethren of The Scots Lodge No 2319 (EC).  The visit took place on Tuesday 20th March 1994 when Bro Alistair was RWM of No XII.  The deputation from Scots was led by WM Bro Ewan Macpherson.  On that occasion, the visit was marked by the presentation of a cheque for £100 by Bro Henry S Tibbles, Past Master of The Scots Lodge, for Sir Gabriel Wood’s Mariners’ Home.  Bro Henry’s Mother Lodge is, of course, No XII and he subsequently became our RWM in 2001.


RWM Bro Alistair may be seen in the centre of the photo with Bro Henry Tibbles on his right and Bro Jimmy Anderson of The Scots Lodge on his right.  Bro Jimmy became an Honorary Member of No XII some years later. The two Bro Pipers should be recognizable to you as (now) Past Masters Iain White and Hector Macphail who were, at that time, Senior and Junior Deacon respectively.  They have worn so well over the years that you would pick them out right away!  To show that some things do not change, PM White’s dram may be seen nestling on the window ledge just within reach and certainly within vision in the interests of security.  As Para Handy once said, ‘Aye, pipers is thirsty folk …’.

I am further indebted to Bro Bob Crossan WSW for his skills in using Photoshop.  Bro Alistair’s original photo was in a pretty sorry state but Bro Bob worked his technological magic on it to bring it back to life.

Bro Iain White PM

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